The Brokenhead River Recreation Commission is proud to be a registered organization with HIGH FIVE Manitoba. 





Our Program Director (Megan) will be on holidays and away from the office starting

Thursday, October 20th and returning Monday, November 14th.

If you are interested in registering for any upcoming programs please contact Karen at

204-268-9266 (ext.3)


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The Brokenhead River Recreation has GPS Units, Urban Poles, Body Bars, Bosu Balls, snowshoes and indoor soccer equipment for the community to use FREE of charge. Thanks to Healthy Together Now (HTN) for the grant to purchase these items. They are for the community to use on a lending basis only. You can call the office at

204-268-9266 for more info

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HIGH FIVE provides parents with the ability to choose organization that are continuously enhancing and improving the quality of their programs.  Look for the HIGH FIVE logo the next time you are registering your child in a recreation or sport program.